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Nicky's Kitchen

Honoring the legacy and upholding the memory of Nicholas D’Amora


As part of Nicholas D’Amora’s legacy of creating a kitchen for all those with all abilities, we will be creating an all inclusive kitchen with an area of it called “Nicky’s Kitchen.” But we need your help.

Nicholas D’Amora, a true CHANGER, left a profound impact on the world. Join us in continuing his legacy by creating an all-inclusive kitchen for individuals of all abilities. Nicholas, had autism and was non-speaking but a remarkable communicator, he had a deep love for cooking, music, concerts, dancing, and playing board games with friends.

Inspired by Nicholas, his mother Barbara D’Amora, a GRACE Foundation of NY founder, strives to raise autism awareness and dispel misconceptions. Together, let’s advocate for non-speaking individuals and amplify their voices through Spelling to Communicate.


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