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Community Habilitation

By engaging in activities and being able to socialize with other members of The GRACE Foundation Community Habilitation, participants will develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships.


It is a Medicaid-funded program operated under OPWDD to provide one-to-one training to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to develop or enhance the skills needed to live more independently in their homes or in non-certified settings in the community.

Individuals enrolled in the Community Habilitation program are assigned a Direct Support Professional (DSP). We hire the skilled staff to provide the services needed to assist your family member reach and achieve their projected goals. Goals such as Job Readiness, Money Management, Independent and Assisted Living Skills, Travel Training, Social and Communication Skills, to name a few, are worked on.

These services can be done individually and even in groups. We would like to take this time to inform, and rather, introduce you to a projected plan we have for your family member and worker. We are proposing a Group Community Habilitation Socialization to allow our participants and their staff to get together and mingle with one another.

This allows the opportunity for your family member to interact with other members of The GRACE Foundation currently receiving Community Habilitation; we strongly believe that practicing these social skills can be a valuable way to foster the necessary skills if your family member/child exhibits lengthier ability in this development than their peers. Depending on their age group, common grounds, and interests, these activities may include activities in the community but not limited to shopping, gaming, coffee shops, job readiness, dating, driver’s education, playgrounds, Chuck E Cheese’s, etc.

Our projected start month for this is February 2023, starting at one day a week. Depending on the success of this Group Community Habilitation Socialization, we will gradually increase days throughout the week, including weekends (if schedules allow).



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